Welcome to Ashford Family Winery

Sonoma Valley, California

The Ashford Family Winery is a fourth-generation winery nestled in the lush Sonoma valley. Boasting a temperate climate year-round, the vineyard produces a wide array of varietals, both reds and whites. Most well known for their chardonnay and pinot noir, the Ashford family uses American oak barrels to create full-bodied, smooth wines with notes of toffee and vanilla. 

The winery also has a Mediterranean-style tasting room offering amazing views of Mount Saint Helena, as well as outdoor patio seating perfect for a romantic date, girls’ weekend, or family event. Complimentary tours of the property are offered Monday through Saturday, and if you’re lucky, your guide may be one of the hunky Ashford brothers, Gabe or Benji! 

Looking for the perfect pairing from Ashford Family Winery? CHARMING THE C.E.O., an age-gap office romance, pairs well with a bottle of Slay All Day Chardonnay.

Gabe Ashford is a catch—a billionaire CEO surfer hottie running a SoCal lifestyle company. Rich. Successful. And absolutely freaking gorgeous.

Too bad he’s my boss.

And we have one rule at The Slay Squad. Never date on the job. Ever.

Can I run his social media without falling for the billionaire surfer hottie? Probably, because he doesn’t want me there anyway. He thinks he can do everything himself.

It’s my job to prove him wrong.

But when my rental is cancelled and I end up in his guesthouse, the line between business and pleasure blurs and I’m not so certain I want to follow the rules anymore. 

Besides, rules were made to be broken, right? 

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Wine Pairing: Slay All Day Chardonnay ♡ Next Stop: Gold Mountain Winery