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New Year’s Renovations by Kara Kendrick

My year is off to a terrible start. Fired from my job and dumped by my boss-boyfriend at the same time (lesson learned the hard way, don’t even start), I’m forced to adopt the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra whether I want to or not. The only silver lining is a rundown old house my estranged aunt left to me in Starlight Bay, Massachusetts.

That is, until I run head-on—literally—into Jackson Montgomery, local hometown superstar and the best contractor in town. He offers to help with renovations so I can rent it as a side hustle once I find a job and move back to Boston. Unfortunately, he does not offer to date me, which is a crying shame because he’s exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution until this year. Why? Because I think they’re stupid and 99.9% of people break them within six weeks. But after my girlfriend cheated on me with my (ex-) best friend, I knew I had to do it. Give up dating for at least a year, but maybe the rest of adulthood.

What I hadn’t counted on was meeting Harper, a perky city girl just begging to be kissed. Fixing up her late aunt’s house was proving to be a bigger job than I could handle in the feelings department and I didn’t like it one little bit. I just needed to get her fixer-upper fixed so she could get out of Starlight Bay before something happened I couldn’t repair with a hammer and some nails.

RUSHING by Kara Kendrick

Bree’s a relationship expert fleeing a bad breakup with her B-list celeb boyfriend in LA.

Ryder’s a former pro baller and current hot single dad hunkering down in his hometown to avoid the paparazzi.

When they collide on the field, will Ryder be able to take the heat? Can Bree follow her own advice and risk it all for love?

Find out in Kara Kendrick’s soon-to-be-released novel, RUSHING, Book 1 of the Peachtree Grove series.

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Christmas in Cayman by Kara Kendrick

All I want for Christmas is a relaxing, sun-drenched vacation. What I don’t expect is a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, but that’s exactly what I’m getting.


Christmas. The least wonderful time of the year. I counteract the eggnog and faux holiday cheer with an annual vacation and this year I’m heading to Cayman with my bestie. Or so I think. When I find out she’s not coming, I nearly lose my tinsel. To make matters worse, she’s invited the only person who could ruin my trip to paradise: Dare Walsh, the one guy I’ve ever loved and the only guy to break my heart. And now I’m stuck with him, on an island, for an entire freaking week. Ho, ho, no…


Most people get Twelve Days of Christmas, but I’ll settle for the lucky seven I’ve been gifted if it means a chance to win Noel back. She’s the elusive ‘One Who Got Away,’ and I can’t believe I have a shot at redemption. A lot has changed in a decade, but she’s still as gorgeous as ever and I’m determined to win back her love. It’s a Christmas miracle and I’m not going to let her slip away twice.

CHRISTMAS IN CAYMAN is a standalone, second-chance romance that guarantees all the holiday feels! Escape to a tropical paradise today!

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